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Pitch Deck refers to a brief presentation, often created using Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi. It helps in providing your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. Pitch deck presentations are normally used during meetings and conferences with customers, investors, founders and partners. An effective Pitch Deck is presented as follows:


  • INTRODUCTION: This gives details of your business and a brief of your own self as to what makes you enter this business.
  • TEAM: This gives information about the team and people behind the idea. Their specific roles are also well decided.
  • PROBLEM: This gives information of list of problems and issues that you are going to solve.
  • ADVANTAGES: This gives information on what makes your solution special. It also makes us understand as to how the business distinguishes itself from others.
  • SOLUTION: This gives information on your idea about how you are planning to solve the problem.
  • PRODUCTS : This section gives details of products and services that you serve along with specific examples.
  • TRACTION: This refers to having a measurable set of customers that serve to prove a potential.
  • MARKET: In this section, attempts are made to predict the size of the target market. The population and demographics, likes and dislikes, consumer behavior, purchasing power of consumers, and many other aspects are well understood.
  • COMPETITION: In this section, details of competition and alternative solutions to problems are well understood. Many efforts are made to minimize competition and gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • BUSINESS MODEL: This section gives details about how you are planning to make a profit. You may focus on your schedule when you expect revenues to pour in.
  • INVESTING: This focuses much on the planned budget and what kind of money you are looking forward to.
  • CONTACT: This section gives details of your contacts, so that people can reach you easily.


Pitch Deck is essentially a fundraising tool for start-ups and is a short presentation of your business plan. It is needed to include all elements of your business such as aims and objectives of the company, business model and your team. An investor pitch deck is usually used during face-to-face and online meetings with potential investors, customers and partners. A pitch deck provides the target audience with an overview of your business and helps you in raising funds. Pitch deck is needed as a brief presentation about your business to the potential investors.


The investor pitch deck is usually used face-to-face with potential investors, customers and partners. A pitch deck is a representative business tool for external audience used to represent your business model and structure for better understanding. Thus, we can say that a Pitch Deck is used to represent your idea to the external audience and make a great impression by showcasing your idea, structure and metrics. Pitch Deck should tell a story about your business. It is important for a Pitch Deck to answer all the business related questions of the investors and should be engaging at the same time. Pitch deck starts by stating the problem, including the business model that capitalizes on it, and ends with future projections. An elevator pitch is brief synopsis of your idea, background and experience. It is important that the pitch deck should start with an introductory text which gives an overview of your entire business strategy.


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