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Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers to the practice of crafting strategies that influence an organization or a business entity. It helps in driving public opinion about a business and its products and services. Through ORM, a company may try to mitigate the effects of viral videos or even create proactive marketing strategies for online consumption.


ORM refers to an ongoing task which serves to create, cultivate and maintain a brand name. ORM means building a digital public image so that anyone who searches your brand finds excellent reviews and positive customer experiences about your company. ORM helps in deploying strategies to generate, improve and respond to online reviews about your business. The main focus is on popular review sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List and others. ORM typically involves the following:

  • Deploying the ORM software to solicit reviews from customers and distribute them to review sites.
  • Adding review markup to your website
  • Being proactive about asking clients to leave online reviews about your business.
  • Responding to both positive and negative reviews as feedback of customers.
  • Promoting positive reviews through through paid channels such as creating banners, e-newsletters, paid-ads, social media, posting on websites and much more.


There are several ORM strategies that boost a brand’s online image, and these are mentioned below:



The concerned companies make sure that the online content is optimized in a systematic manner for search engines. This is to ensure that the most appropriate headlines and keywords are used for businesses. SEO helps in improving your visibility and rankings in search engines such as Google.



The concerned companies / agencies create premium quality content for you such as blogs, articles, business profiles, websites, presentations, project reports, business plans and much more.



ORM services can monitor your online reviews on sites such as Facebook, Google and Yelp. Thus, you may quickly respond to negative reviews and promote positive ones. Various companies focus much on strategies tht provide a platform to manage all tasks from a single location.



ORM companies can manage much of your social media. This would include setting ip of profiles of relevant social channels, deciding on various postings and monitoring various networks.



Apart from monitoring social media pages, ORM services monitor other sites to keep a check on your business. This can include various sites such as Glassdoor and Yelp, as well as many websites and blogs wherein business is discussed.

The four distinct digital marketing channels involved in ORM are mentioned below:



This includes various marketing efforts that require payments to feature your business on external websites and networks. Much is included in this such as Google Adwords, display ads on Facebook, influencer blogs and much more.



This describes the coverage of your business on external web entities for which payment is not made. It is important to stand out from the competition with great content, products or services that users consider important for reposting, reviewing, or sharing.



Various profiles and pages on social media help people to interact with one another by creating additional avenues. It become extremely important to dedicate the resources to stay active on them by engaging in conversations and publishing fresh content regularly.



This includes your business websites and blogs which help in effectively building your digital presence. You can’t establish properties that are difficult to be distinguished from each other.


ORM ensures that the brand maintains the best possible online image. The relevant services work to ensure that positive news and reviews are the most initial things that customers see when they search for your business online. These services deploy various strategies to push undesirable stories and reviews off the first few pages of search results. ORM services monitor the web to ensure that reputation stays positive and if anything negative pops up, the organization is in a position to respond immediately. ORM also includes crisis response and review management to ensure that online reviews are positive.

All businesses benefit from ORM strategies. The negative reputation of businesses can be repaired via ORM strategies. Various crisis management strategies can be employed on occurrence of serious incidents which requires immediate attention. Reputation management of firms promote positive news and reviews when they appear online.


Our professional ORM experts provide host of services such as online monitoring, social media monitoring, review and comment management, crisis response, reputation management, brand preservation, strategic PR and much more. After initial analysis of your company’s online reputation, our experts work with your business to develop a specific strategy plan to meet specific needs. Our project manager well informs you of the campaign’s progress from time to time. Based on specific strategies of your business, the prices of our ORM services vary.


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