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Mobile Marketing refers to a multi-channel digital marketing strategy aimed towards reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, or mobile devices. This could be through websites, email, SMS, MMS, mobile apps or social media. To execute mobile marketing, it is important for brands and organizations to develop a unique mobile strategy based on the industry and target audience. Mobile technology is about customization and personalization which is again relevant to mobile marketing.


Marketing through cell phones is termed as SMS (Short Message Service) marketing and is becoming increasingly popular these days. Since many years now, SMS marketing has become a legitimate advertising channel in many parts of the world. This form of marketing is rpidly expanding in Asia as well as Europe and refers to both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing focuses on lead generation whereas outbound marketing focuses on sending messages for sales, promotions, donations, contests, television program voting and much more. The 5 essential components of SMS marketing are sender ID, message size, content structure, spam compliance and message delivery.


The other important form of Mobile Marketing is MMS (Multimedia Message Service) marketing which refers to a timed slideshow of images, text, audio and video. The content is delivered via MMS and therefore, businesses are able to send and receive rich content through this service. Yet another form of mobile marketing is the Mobile App marketing wherein apps are developed to be used on mobiles and marketers aim to optimize the visibility of an app in a store which the maximizes the number of downloads. This is also termed as App Store Optimization (ASO). Nowadays, push notifications are used to notify users to advertise products and services and these are easily visible to the user.


Mobile marketing also involves another form of marketing termed as ‘In-Game mobile marketing’, wherein brands deliver promotional messages within mobile games or sponsor games to drive consumer engagement. It is also termed as ad-funded mobile game or mobile advergaming. This form of marketing can create more effective conversion rates and games also have a stronger lifetime value. Nowadays, QR codes are used by marketers to aallow mobile phone owners to visit a website address by scanning a digited 2D image with their phone’s camera. Location based services (LBS) are offered by phone networks to send custom advertising and other information to cell phone subscribers based on their current location.


Many marketers use hotspot to deliver Content Marketing. It refers to a radio-based technology which is free of cost. It is an effective way of advertising products. Thus, whenever a customer comes in the range of Bluetooth, he/she would start getting notification and advertisements. Marketers are also using proximity systems called SMS-CB (Short Message Service – Cell Broadcast). This helps in broadcast of messages to all users in a specific geographical area. Marketers are also resorting to a prerecorded message called voice SMS for advertising their businesses.


It is important for businesses to start adapting their marketing efforts to keep up with the advances in technology. There are many considerations on the increasingly importance of mobile marketing that marketers need to evaluate as part of their digital strategy. We all know that the time spent on mobile devices is highly increasing. Mobile commerce and mobile marketing go hand in hand. SMS Open rates are higher than email. Mobile marketing reaches a broader market. All these aspects need to be considered while planning mobile marketing.


Mobile Marketing has many advantages. Mobile Marketing reaches a broader market. Tablets and smartphones are cheaper and portable than traditional PCs and laptops. Mobile Marketing gives instantaneous results and is easy to work with. Mobile Marketing helps businesses reach a larger audience / broader market. Creation of elements for mobile devices is simpler and less costly compared to desktops and laptops. It also becomes easier to promote services via Mobile Marketing. User response can be tracked instantaneously and in an effective manner via mobile marketing. Mobile advertisers better understand and analyze user behavior and create buyer personas.


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